Welcome to Tape Haus

We are a full-circle production company with a slate of multi-award-winning narrative, music, and documentary film projects that seek to create meaning through the exploration of complex human experiences.
Our hope is to inspire a new generation with the same craft & magic that classic Hollywood Cinema used to inspire us, while putting character-driven, globally-relevant, contemporary themes at the forefront of the conversation.

About Tape Haus

Our company was founded in 2016 by award-winning filmmaker Fi Dieter as she finished her first film festival run with the 53-time award-winning film Cinder Pumpkin.

During its first three years, Tape Haus operated out of Atlanta. During that time, we provided creative development, logistic support, and production management solutions for broadcast, media, corporate, and commercial productions.

Now, with bases in Los Angeles and Mexico City, we continue to grow our project slate and specialize in the development, production, post-production and delivery of artistic, thought-provoking narrative content for theatrical and digital distribution worldwide. 

Some cool people we have worked with:

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