Understanding a complex idea and transforming it into a compelling visual story is a craft that we look for in a partner that helps us grow our brand. Tape Haus is such a strategic partner.

D. Hadeed (Blue Waters)

Tape Haus Studio

Welcome to Tape Haus! We are very excited to have settled in the beautiful, dynamic Metro Atlanta area offering photography & film production services to the local creative community.

We know what it’s like to start out with nothing but dreams. Ours took us out to the West Coast, where we met and spent years developing our craft. Now, we look forward to putting our award-winning skills at your service.

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Fi Dieter from Tapehaus and Moises Resptrepo from Emerald Lion talk about the relevance Altanta is gaining as a film production mecca for 2017. 

We are filmmakers, so when the going gets tough, we turn to...what else? Movies.

The going has certainly gotten tough in the U.S.A. lately. As summer has heated up, so has political


For the last five years in addition to my regular assignments work I have also become a crewer. It wasn’t my choice, it just happened.

My regular clients had problems finding


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A group of entrepreneurs that made Hollywood their playing field for gathering experience and college degrees. Following industry trends and market evolution in video and film production, we now offer our services in the Metro Atlanta area.