The Actor's Intuition Workshop

“An actor is only as good as his ability to understand the script”

        - Stephanie Dieter


In this workshop, award-winning filmmakers Stephanie Dieter & Travis Daniel Brown will teach you how is it that professional actors working in Hollywood prepare for a role and are able give life to the characters we see on the big screen!

You will learn easy, effective techniques to analyze, understand and approach scene that’s put in front of you with truth, objectivity and playfulness. Then, you’ll participate in a fun, hands-on exercise where everyone will get a chance to perform with a partner.

You will leave understanding the basics of script analysis, and you’ll be able to apply the same fail-proof method that Hollywood filmmakers rely on when working with movie stars.


We love connecting and sharing our insight with diverse, dynamic entertainers!

The Actor’s Intuition Workshop helps aspiring and professional actors and filmmakers truly access and connect with their material, enabling them to achieve visceral, memorable performances every single time.

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If you are an actor or filmmaker in the Metro Atlanta area who would like to dive deeper into the layers of our method, or taylor it specifically to your current project, we offer individual and group coaching.

When you book a session for yourself or your film team, you’ll get the works! We’ll help you bring your performances to a whole new level using the same techniques and insight we apply for our own successful auditions and for the rehearsals of our award-winning films.

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ACTOR’S HOMEWORK: The magic bullet that will help you be as prepared for a performance as you can be! It consists of breaking down and preparing a side using the techniques we covered in the workshop. You gotta do the work if you wanna be in control of the room!

BEING IN CONTROL OF THE ROOM: Whether “the room” is your first audition or your 500th, you must always carry yourself with enough power and confidence that everybody will know it’s YOUR SPACE, that the role is yours and nobody can take it away from you. It’s when the true you really comes out. If you manage to “own the room” during an audition, it is very likely that you’ll get a call back.

CHOICE: The intention an actor puts behind each line is called an acting choice. Good choices create real behavior because they are objective, playable and can effectively have the actor thinking real thoughts and feeling real feelings.

COLD READ: When you read a side at an audition with little or no time to prepare it. Many actors use cold-reading techniques as a way to practice “being in the moment”. For an important audition, however, you must always do everything you can to prepare the material in advance.

SIDE: A side is a piece taken from a full script (usually a scene or two) and given to actors for them to read during an audition. When you get a side, make sure to flip it, for it might have information/ dialogue on the front AND back.

SLATE: If someone in the room is recording your audition and they ask you to “slate” for the camera, it simply means that they want you to state your name, age (only if you are under 18) and the agency that represents you. You may also mention the role you’ll be auditioning for.

SAMPLE SLATE: “Hi, I’m Anne from Creative Artists Agency and I am 15 years old. I’ll be reading for the role of  Mia Thermopolis.

“Hi, I’m Anne from Creative Artists Agency and I am 15 years old. I’ll be reading for the role of  Mia Thermopolis"

Sampl Slate

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