A great part of my artistic influence in screenwriting comes from the fact that I grew up on a steady diet of classic Mexican Telenovelas and Disney films. I've never been shocked at my ability for expertly crafting period piece romances. But I am a weird, multi-flavored-multi-cultural person who knows sadness and pain very well. There is a "darkness" over me that I consistently have to work to overcome. I somehow always choose to keep going, and I would love to help others find the inspiration to do the same by way of unparalleled cinematic storytelling.

In terms of art-house / indie films, I gravitate towards crafting inspirational, character-driven stories that feature arrogant, quirky, socially-rejected underdogs learning humility and finding a sense of belonging. Many of my protagonists share the same "darkness" I see in myself and part of their journey involves acquiring the tools to manage it.

When I think of commercial films that I strive to re-create the feeling of, my all-time favorites are: The Mummy (1999), Titanic, Curse of the Black Pearl, and Moulin Rouge. I think of how thrilling it has always felt as an audience member when a beloved genre of mine like historical / period piece romance has been elevated by the inclusion of adventure or fantasy-horror hijinks. This is the kind of high-concept writing that I now create myself.

"Home for Dinner"

When an unyielding US Dept of Defense Director has his pregnant daughter kidnapped by an unhinged terrorist princess, he must reluctantly team up with the runaway Muslim prince who knocked her up to infiltrate a war-torn Islamic country and save his family.

One-hour limited series for streaming | Action / Adventure Romance

Written by: Fi Dieter


A budding immigrant filmmaker forms an unlikely bond with a viral L.A. musician and juggles a unique chance to advance her career alongside him with the need to work odd crew jobs to afford a divorce from her unhinged, alcoholic Green Card husband.

Feature | Young Adult Workplace RomCom

Written by: Fi Dieter

"Stand Up Therapy"

After a young man stumbles on his journey to overcome self-harming behaviors, he commits himself to an unusual therapy regime created by John Wayne before his issues become an even bigger threat to his life.

Feature | Satiric Traumedy

Written by: Fi Dieter, Ethan Tate & Sandy Mahar

"Come! Oh Sinners, Come!"

Log line coming soon

Feature | Satiric Traumedy

Written by: Sandy Mahar & Fi Dieter


An ostracized student will do everything in her power to save her beloved musical theater program from being canceled while she navigates life and some very complicated emotions at an elitist Mexico City high school. Based on the 53-time award-winning short film Cinder Pumpkin written and directed by Fi Dieter

Feature | Romantic high school musical dramedy

Written by: Fi Dieter


When her expert dad bails on her last minute, a spunky teenage budding filmmaker must teach herself to edit and render a school project overnight or risk failing the class and losing her friends. Totally not based on a true story at all.

Short Film | Sci-Fi Family Comedy

Written by: Fi Dieter

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