As a spec screenwriter, Fi Dieter's specialty is to craft inspirational, character-driven stories that feature arrogant, quirky, socially-rejected underdogs learning humility and finding a sense of belonging.

The importance of authenticity is also a big theme for Fi. She is drawn to stories that pose thought-provoking arguments on the importance of being coherent with our words, thoughts, and actions, which in her view is extremely relevant to the times.

Fi Dieter's work also explores complicated family dynamics, and multi-cultural / mixed-ethnicity characters who struggle with their sense of Self. Magical elements are often woven into her action as a way of creatively portraying life through a specific character's point of view. Fi is known for adding hints of witty, satiric dialogue, and twisting scenes to set up / deliver a strong sense of catharsis.

"Stand Up Therapy"

After a young man stumbles on his journey to overcome self-harming behaviors, he commits himself to an unusual therapy regime created by John Wayne before his issues become an even bigger threat to his life.

"Come! Oh Sinners, Come!"

Log line coming soon

Short Film | Satiric Traumedy

Written by: Fi Dieter

Feature | Satiric Traumedy

Written by: Sandy Mahar & Fi Dieter


When her expert dad bails on her last minute, a spunky teenage budding filmmaker must teach herself to edit and render a school project overnight or risk failing the class and losing her friends. Totally not based on a true story at all.


An ostracized student will do everything in her power to save her beloved musical theater program from being canceled while she navigates life and some very complicated emotions at an elitist Mexico City high school. Based on the 53-time award-winning short film Cinder Pumpkin written and directed by Fi Dieter

Short Film | Sci-Fi Family Comedy

Written by: Fi Dieter

Feature | Romantic high school musical dramedy

Written by: Fi Dieter


A can-do-all immigrant working odd crew jobs to secretly pay for a divorce forms an unlikely bond with a canceled Cinematographer through one day at a hectic commercial film shoot where a series of dangerous hurdles threaten their future job prospects and test every fiber of their creative being.


After an unyielding US Dept of Defense Director has his daughter kidnapped by an unhinged terrorist princess, he must team up with his daughter’s good-for-nothing Muslim fiancé on a dangerous mission to infiltrate a war-torn Islamic country and bring her home.

Feature | Young Adult Workplace Comedy

Written by: Fi Dieter

One-hour limited series for streaming | Family Action / Adventure drama

Written by: Fi Dieter

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